I have dogs: Which flooring should I choose?

I have dogs: Which flooring should I choose?

No matter whether they’re big or small, dogs can put wear and tear on your new floors. So when shopping for new floors, you want to ensure you find something durable.

Dogs can put your floors through the wringer, and when getting rid of them is not an option, new floors may be. Protection measures such as area rugs and daily maintenance can help protect new floors from possible damage from pets.

What are the most durable options?

There are many floor coverings made of durable materials. However, the ideal floors for pet owners are not only durable but are scratch, stain, mold, and water resistant.

Tile flooring is one of the best options for new floors for pet owners, and it is durable, long-lasting, and water-resistant. Along with these features, it is scratch and stain-resistant, low-maintenance and eco-friendly.

When choosing tile materials, going with a showroom with an extensive catalog can be a big help. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most common types of tiles.

Tile is versatile and can come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Ceramic tile is a fantastic option for pet owners since it is more robust and offers durable choices that our flooring company can help you compare.

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